Sunday, December 26, 2010

There Goes My Life - Chapter 2 Teaser

Okay, so since Twilighted is taking approx 6 weeks to validate, I decided to just go ahead and post on ff.  I'll post the full chapter either Monday or Tuesday.

Here is Chapter 2 teaser:

"What part of 'come over by yourself so we can talk' did you not understand?" Carlisle asked over my shoulder.
"Sorry, she insisted."
"For goodness sake, Edward, grow a pair," I said.
"Pretty strong words for a knocked up, unwed teenage mother," Tanya said with a smirk on her face.
My anger took over, and I tore open the screen door. I wanted to smack her, but Carlisle pulled me back in the house. “Calm down, Bella. It'll be okay.”
"Baby, how long is this going to take? We're supposed to meet up with Em and Rose for a movie," Tanya whined.
"If you can't take this seriously Edward, then go," I said.
"Bella," Carlisle said.
"No, really! If he cared even one ounce, he would have come alone. But, oh no! He had to bring her."

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