Monday, December 13, 2010

There Goes My Life - chap 1 - teaser

SO! I've placed chapter 1 of There Goes My Life (formerly known as Alone) into the queue over on I'm so excited you guys! I think you'll really love the new changes and additions I've made.

So here's your teaser:

Bella took a deep breath, looked at me, then Alice, then Edward. "I'm pregnant."

No one said anything for a few minutes. I could hear Bella crying again behind me. Edward looked bored and was staring out the window. I felt like walking over to him and punching him for his lack of emotion, but figured that wouldn't get us anywhere.
"You're...what?” Carlisle asked. His hands were gripping the back of the chair that Esme was sitting in.
"Are you sure?" Esme calmly asked.
"She's already been to the doctor," Alice said.
"Edward, what do you have to say for yourself?" Carlisle asked.
Everyone was quiet as we waited for Edward to say something. Five minutes passed and he still hadn't said anything. Instead he turned his gaze from the window to the floor.
"He said he didn't...want me," Bella cried. "He said I just ruined his life."

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