Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Hello all!

Just a quick note:  Just wanted to wish all of you a very happy and safe Thanksgiving.

I haven't started with the editing/rewrite of Autumn in New York, but that's only because my laptop decided it was ready to die.  Thankfully mom purchased me a new one.  Now I can do more than one thing at a time without it freezing, crashing, etc.

Also - if you're interested in becoming a beta with Project Team Beta, or if you know someone who would like to work with us, please visit our web page and fill out a Beta Application.  We are in need of betas... badly.  You can find the application here.

Have a safe holiday!  I will be one of the crazy people at the stores at 3 in the morning. :)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Red Riding Hood

Soooo...  Billy Burke (DILF) is in Catherine Hardwick's new movie, Red Riding Hood. I have to say it, this kinda looks interesting.  You can check out the trailer Here

Here's a pic of Billy on set.  Haven't figured out who he plays, though.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Autumn in New York

Hi all!

I know a lot of you have been wondering about Autumn in New York and if I'll be reposting.  The answer is yes.  I wanted to finish Finding the Way Back before I started on AINY. Now that the epilog is in the queue on Twilighted (or even posted by the time you read this), I will be rewriting AINY.

I really hated to pull it, but it started going in a way I wasn't comfortable with. I promise this time around will be better. I promise.

I can't tell you when the first chapter will be up, but I will put it on FF.Net and Twilighted. Follow me on Twitter (@sweetishbubble) for tweet updates and of course here for more info.

I can't wait to get started!  :)

Teaser: Finding The Way back

Teaser from the Epilogue:

In the days the followed that horrible night, the police, in conjunction with the FBI, were able to use Gabriel's GPS unit in his car to find the house where the new girls were being held. Thankfully all four girls in the old, rundown house on the edge of town were alive. Even though they were starving and underweight, their injuries were minimal. I've kept in touch with all four since they were released from the hospital and returned to their families. One of the girls, Jennifer, was thirteen years old and from Idaho. I felt closer to her than the others since we had been just about the same age at the time we were taken. She had been held the longest out of the four and had been having a hard time adjusting back to her home life. We would speak on the phone and through email frequently, and I felt happy that I could help her. I think it was a comfort to her to know that I had been through the same thing and still had a happy life. I knew she would get there too with time. Her parents, along with Dad and Sue, had also formed a friendship and a unique support group.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Hotness That Is Billy Burke

Can I just tell you guys how much I freakin LOVE Billy Burke?  OMG - there are no words for him. He's #2 on my list. His voice drives me crazy. But lets be realistic, if I were in a room with him, I'd probably clam up and look stupid (kind of like how I was when I met Stephanie Meyer). Anyway, here are some pics from last night's VH1's Save The Music event.


And my favorite pic:

Monday, November 8, 2010

Fic Pimpin!

So a new feature I will be doing is Fic Pimpin.  My first pimp is the fantastic "Parachute" by KitsuShel

Summary: After finding a child abandoned on the streets of Seattle, Bella Swan raises him as her own. What happens to their lives when his biological family is finally found?

You can find it on Twilighted here  and here

KitsuShel's blog can be found here

Why I love it:  Too many reasons. I love how protective Bella is of Jack, even around the Cullens and how protective Edward has become of the two of them. Jack is adorable. The little changes KitsuShel's made to Esme's history is unique. Also, I love how she replies to each review with a teaser. Love it. Plus, she puts additional teasers on her blog.  I love it when authors are involved with their readers. I think it makes them stand out from the others in the fandom. Parachute updates each Friday. Just another reason to love Fridays.

If you're not reading it, go do it... Now.

Breaking Dawn Pics

Okay, I'm not a huge Breaking Dawn fan, however, these pics have me fan-girling (is that even a word?)

And if this is the actual house they use for Isle Esme, then Papa Cullen needs to find me, bite me and take me here please! (or at least let me borrow it for a week or two with the hubby)

Sunday, November 7, 2010


So, my husband, Kris, drives a semi truck around the midwest. It sucks cuz he's only home for about a day and a half per week before he's gone again.  But, what keeps our marriage alive (aside from some really good sex) is text messages... Like this one:

Hey sexy goddess, I love you.

Say it with me... Awwwww.

I <3 U BABY!

My Hotties!

So, lets start this blog off right with pics of my favorite hotties... next to my hubby of course :)

Billy Burke: DILF with a sexy, smooth voice.
Peter Facinelli:  DILF I go completely ape shit over.  Seriously.  He's hot.  Smells like sex and chocolate.

Gil Birmingham:  Don't knock me on this one!  He's hot.

My New Blog!

Well kids, here's my blog.  Nothing too fancy...yet.

I can promise eye candy, personal opinions on fandom happenings and personal life issues, previews of my fics, and general craziness.