Sunday, November 14, 2010

Teaser: Finding The Way back

Teaser from the Epilogue:

In the days the followed that horrible night, the police, in conjunction with the FBI, were able to use Gabriel's GPS unit in his car to find the house where the new girls were being held. Thankfully all four girls in the old, rundown house on the edge of town were alive. Even though they were starving and underweight, their injuries were minimal. I've kept in touch with all four since they were released from the hospital and returned to their families. One of the girls, Jennifer, was thirteen years old and from Idaho. I felt closer to her than the others since we had been just about the same age at the time we were taken. She had been held the longest out of the four and had been having a hard time adjusting back to her home life. We would speak on the phone and through email frequently, and I felt happy that I could help her. I think it was a comfort to her to know that I had been through the same thing and still had a happy life. I knew she would get there too with time. Her parents, along with Dad and Sue, had also formed a friendship and a unique support group.


  1. So glad you liked it! I'm hoping it have it back from another beta today :)