Monday, November 8, 2010

Breaking Dawn Pics

Okay, I'm not a huge Breaking Dawn fan, however, these pics have me fan-girling (is that even a word?)

And if this is the actual house they use for Isle Esme, then Papa Cullen needs to find me, bite me and take me here please! (or at least let me borrow it for a week or two with the hubby)


  1. lol.
    It appears the Brazil are making them less shy, hahaha!

    About the house, WOW! I know it's located in Paraty, a city in Angra dos Reis bay. I want a week with my wife there!

  2. I want to know why Edward isn't wearing a wedding ring!!! Did anyone else notice that? -kas90

  3. Kas - I DID!! Kristen/Bella is obviously wearing hers, but not him? What the heck man?!