Monday, November 8, 2010

Fic Pimpin!

So a new feature I will be doing is Fic Pimpin.  My first pimp is the fantastic "Parachute" by KitsuShel

Summary: After finding a child abandoned on the streets of Seattle, Bella Swan raises him as her own. What happens to their lives when his biological family is finally found?

You can find it on Twilighted here  and here

KitsuShel's blog can be found here

Why I love it:  Too many reasons. I love how protective Bella is of Jack, even around the Cullens and how protective Edward has become of the two of them. Jack is adorable. The little changes KitsuShel's made to Esme's history is unique. Also, I love how she replies to each review with a teaser. Love it. Plus, she puts additional teasers on her blog.  I love it when authors are involved with their readers. I think it makes them stand out from the others in the fandom. Parachute updates each Friday. Just another reason to love Fridays.

If you're not reading it, go do it... Now.


  1. im glad that you are talking about this story, i have seen it but was not sure about reading it. But if you say it is good I am going to go read it.

  2. Glad to see one of my favorite tales get a little love! Jack is the neatest eight year old I've ever read. I second your recommendation!
    writes as Rebadams7